Career Coaching strongly believes in giving back to the community in addressing challenges faced by the young people being unemployment and inadequate leadership mentorship opportunities. Our engagement through the empowerment of women, capacity building for entrepreneurs and job seekers is evidenced by our involvement in the following initiatives;



In partnership with the Ministry of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development, Career Coaching conducts youth employability training to youth job seekers. The topics include personal branding, cv writing and cover letter writing, preparing for a job interview, recruitment and selection, networking, harnessing the power of technology for employability,Programme participants indicate that the training is very important as they have the opportunity to evaluate the reasons why they have not been successful in the quest to find jobs, thus willing to improve on their cv`s, cover letters and prepare for job interviews. The programme also motivates participants to enroll for further studies from the realisation that the qualifications alone do not give them the competitive urge over other prospective applicants when competing for jobs.

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Project Girls for Girls was born at Harvard in 2016 when a group of women from across the globe recognized that in every corner of the world, something is holding women back from running for public office and leadership. Inspired by each other, they decided to close the gap through mentoring young girls and women in leadership.

Although women can vote and run for public office in nearly every country, they are still severely underrepresented as parliamentarians and heads of state worldwide. In addition, women representation remains very limited in C-Suite offices and boardrooms and in leadership positions across the public, private and civil society sectors. To cultivate the capacity to lead, young women need access to a nurturing and supportive environment.  We aim to arm young women with the courage, vision, and skills to take on public leadership. The Girls for Girls platform brings together insights from key leaders and a global mentoring network to empower young women to play a greater role in the public sphere.

We value the voices of young girls and women, their hopes and aspirations, and believe in their power to change the world.

For more on the Girls 4 Girls Global and Botswana chapter, kindly visit and “Girls for Girls Botswana”on linkedin, facebook, twitter and instagram.